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Paleorocks.com Specializing in Fort Payne Chert/Flint in Black, Blue, Caramel, Tan, White, Horse Creek and Buffalo River. Also authentic Paleo period artifacts.

Canal Coal: $2.00 - $5.00 per pound according to size.

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Magnet Cove Stone

Novaculite stone, come spall on site at quarry. primitive camping at quarry. All stone is 45 cents per lb at quarry. Advance notice please.


Novaculite.com is the source for all of your flint-knapping stone needs.

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Our Obsidians come straight from the quarry, insuring you the best prices available. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Misc. stone from Native Way.

Texas Knapper Supply - Many popular types of stone, obsidian, and glass preforms available. Most range from $1.00 to $1.25 and inch. All available at texasknappersupply.com

  Stone Flint - Hello flint lovers i hunt flint i have black dover flint it don't have to be heat treated & i have a tri colored fiint neither is heat treated.50 centlb.+ship.Contact #s Home(931)296-2557 Cell(931)622-2126
  Stanley Payne materials from around the world to choose from. Also for purchase, Buffalo River chert from Tennessee, raw, heat treated, or in slabs. Also Mexican Rainbow obsidian slabs with beautiful colors for 2.00 an inch. Buffalo River chert sold raw,1.50 per pound, heat treated 2.00 per pound, or heat treated slabs 1.00 a linear inch.
I have  lots of burlington  flintrock, and oodles of slabs of georgetown blue , high graded, slabs of bright yellow and some red MOOKITE , heatreated ready to knapp, india jasper , all rock is on sale , lets cut some deals I am ready to bargain, plus I will saw slabs for a fee of a $1.00 per inch. and of course I have over 30 nice clovises , 10 thebes , lost lakes cumberlands , mamy 100s of midwestern style al for a neg. price , once again as always I will cut a deal , so lets bargain , thanks Tim Foley

Curt's Cherts (flintrockhunter@yahoo.com - 817-713-9686 Arlington, Texas) - I sell Georgetown blue and black, Pedernales Amoeba, Frisco, and many others.

  • Georgetown black - $3/lb - up to 8 inch nodules and partially biface nodules

  • Georgetown blue - $3/lb - up to 8 inch nodules and partial nodules

  • Pedernales Amoeba - $2/lb - up to 10 inch nodules

  • Heat Treated Frisco Nodules - $3/lb - up to 10 inch nodules - Limited Supply - No picture

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Flint Ridge Flint    



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